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Wraak op Maat 2019

  • Nieuw: release 1 mei 2019

    In the waiting room of a neurologist Thomas meets the young woman Max. She has striking tattoos, wears heavy army shoes and looks like fourteen. Their doctor Van Henegouwen is a brilliant neurologist, but the man has changed radically since a car accident. More and more complaints about him come to the Medical Disciplinary Court. They hack the doctor’s computer, which shows that the man is confused in a web of drugs, abuse and illicit trafficking. A woman is killed during their investigation. Thomas is suddenly released and goes after the doctor. By chance he gets help from a beautiful nymphomaniac and her cheating criminal boyfriend. Available from these stores

Abuse, drugs and black trade

Tempel van Hebzucht 2017

  • In short

    After the discovery of a mega gold scam Richard Genetti has to flee from the Vatican. The scam has already been discovered by Cardinal Longo who wants to keep it hidden. The cardinal is ruthless and does not shy away from making people disappear. He puts a prize on the head of Richard, where even the mafia is deployed. The result is a manhunt through Europe, where Richard has to stay out of the hands of a bunch of ruthless murderers. Then by chance he gets help from an Australian commando unit and a beautiful Japanese who knows how to handle rude guys. There are victims, but friendships and romances are also closed for life. The book has been nominated for the 2017 Indie Awards Available from these stores

Nominated for the indie awards 2017 Netherlands

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